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No one like my mum


Last Friday was such a memorable moment for the beautiful mums of our senior students as Dukesbridge put on a special Mothers’ Day celebration for them. I felt so proud to play a part in this. In fact, it all started about a couple of weeks ago when the Management asked us, teachers, for some suggestions about what we could do to mark this special day. For a few years, I had the opportunity to study and teach in a preschool in Australia and so, in passing, I spoke to my campus manager about my experience of helping the Aussie students host their mums at school. Little did I know that this would ultimately explode into a big, fun party for the mums across our campuses…

 It did not matter if we taught the senior year or not, everyone got involved. At the Dukesbridge Port-Louis Campus where I work, we hosted the mums for a breakfast school fête. By 8 o’clock, everything was set. Banners, balloons and bunting were up and the DJ, miss Lina, pressed play on the party music. While Miss Kirsty was manning a well decorated bar table with mocktails, smoothies, fruit and cakes, at the other end of the yard, Miss Anisha along with our two cooks were making delicious pancakes on a portable stove. I’m getting all hungry just writing about that mouth-watering aroma that was in the air!



As they arrived, the mums were greeted with a Best Mum Award badge that they got to proudly wear for the whole day. The children led their mums to the Mother’s Day photobooth and were excitedly having pictures with them. What a contrast to them waving goodbye in the morning everyday at the school gates!



And then came the games. Of course, the kids hosted and the mums played! Starting with a treasure hunt, the mothers had to search for their child’s hand-made cards hidden in the garden. Next up, the classic Musical Chairs, during which we got to see the competitive side of some mums. Seeing the children cheering on their mums at the top of their little lungs, clapping for them and supporting them with everything they had was just priceless. We finished off with the Blindfold game: guess your child amongst all the little ones, blindfolded. We laughed and laughed, it was really awesome. 




After two weeks of rehearsals, it was time for the kids to perform a special dance item for their mothers. The latter had their phones and cameras out, many of them even got emotional. Totally understandable!



Together with my colleagues, we invited all the mums to join us and their children for a set of nursery rhymes from our assembly playlist. I could see on their faces that they all enjoyed it and did not hesitate to show us their good moves too!



After a very happy hour spent at school, we finally sent off the mums to work with some little presents prepared, baked and wrapped by the children earlier during that week. But I think experiencing your child honouring you for an hour, cheering you on and putting a smile on your face is probably the best Mother’s Day present one can ever have, don’t you agree?




By Reshma Ramloll


Dukesbridge Port-Louis



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