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Dukesbridge's 5th campus was inaugurated on the 5th day of the 5th month of 2017. The Acting President of the Republic of Mauritius, His Excellency Mr Vyapoory, was the guest of honour at the Launch ceremony of Dukesbridge North campus which is one of the last few standing old French colonial houses in Pamplemousses converted into a preschool for children living in the North of the island. Also speaking at the Launch event was Mr Fakhru Mohamedbhai, the son of the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mauritius, a former national laureate and now an accomplished UK barrister selected by Legal 500 as one of the top ten commercial barristers under eight years' call. He has kindly sent us his speech for it to be published as follows. 





Your Excellency, Mr Vyapoory, the Acting President of the Republic of Mauritius, 

Representatives of the High Commission of Australia in Mauritius,

Dear Guests,



It is really a great honour for me to be asked by Shannon and Rishi Nursimulu to say a few words here today. Rishi and I have been friends since we were in secondary school and, although I still live in the UK and Shannon and Rishi have made Mauritius their home, they are like family to me and I follow very closely their incredible success story here.




Speaking of success story, I think I speak on everyone’s behalf when I say that the entire Dukesbridge team has done an amazing job with this new campus. It really looks truly stunning, and will provide an amazing place for children to learn and play. I don’t think there is another school with this kind of setting in Mauritius. So, congratulations to the whole team, and really well done.



When Shannon and Rishi asked me to say a few words at the opening, I thought I would do a bit of research on Dukesbridge and find out why it has already been such a success. This is after all the fifth campus being opened in Mauritius. And so, while scrolling through their excellent website and Facebook page, what struck me is that in every aspect of the way the schools are organised, in every activity that the children undertake, in every unique facility offered by Dukesbridge, there is one common feature and that is the welfare and development of every child. This is very much at the centre of the ethos of Dukesbridge. From karate instructions to music and dance classes, from football lessons to school kitchens activities, Dukesbridge places the best interests of its students at the heart of everything that it does – and that I think is really the recipe for its incredible success. 



And that approach to education and learning really sets it apart from what I think has been a real weakness in the Mauritian education system for far too long. I am a product of that system, and so are many of us here as well, and we have to be thankful for it. But the reality is that for far too long, education in Mauritius has heavily focussed on academic performance, and academic performance alone. Dukesbridge breaks that trend. It provides its students with a solid broad base of education from a very early stage. And I think that holistic approach to education is really the way forward for Mauritius if we are going to become a knowledge-based economy which is able to compete with other financial and services centres in Africa and Asia. Our human capital is our greatest resource and what Dukesbridge is doing is ensuring that the youth of today, who are going to be the leaders of tomorrow, are getting the best possible start in life. That is something that the Dukesbridge team should be really proud of. 



I would like to end on a personal note for Shannon and Rishi. I know how hard they work for their schools, how much effort they are putting into and have already put into this endeavour. They live and breathe their schools, always thinking of ways to innovate and to bring something different to the table so as to make their schools the best they can be for the students. Under their stewardship and vision, I have no doubt that Dukesbridge will go from strength to strength and will gradually transform the educational landscape in Mauritius for the better. 



I wish the whole Dukesbridge team the very best for the future. Congratulations again on the opening of what is a fantastic looking campus, and keep up the good work. 


Mr Fakhru Mohamedbhai


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